smart automation solutions

Use as a service

Ready for use gifting tools with web admin panel. Easy for integrations through api`s.

Fits for basic needs, for example corporate events.

Start in minutes.

Software and remote controllers

Working kit of functionalities. Add gifting to your application or use Cloud gifts as a technical provider for your business.

Fits for tech companies, enterpreneurs and startups.

Start in minutes.

Became a partner

We are open for:

  • Goods providers
  • Gift certificates issuers
  • Catalogs and aggregators
  • Wallets and loyalty platforms
Easy implementation and integrations.

Main idea of remote gifting

You can give a gift even to remote person in easy way.

Recipient can comfortably take (use) a gift from remote person in preferred time and place.

Gifts provider have an additional channel of sales.

Cloud gifts customer have an profit as gifting business operator or as owner of extended business with integrated gifting functionality.

We provide

Gifting in your apps

  • Cloud part of your service
  • Install in existed application
  • Invite clients through gifting

Business in a box

  • Complex functionality
  • Zero coding
  • Flexible business processes


  • Business as gifts provider
  • Increase your regular sells
  • Try new market

Custom solutions

  • Integrations
  • Gift cards processing
  • Related solutions from our engineers

Why Cloud gifts ?

We have clear understanding of gifting domain and offer :

  • Complex solution
  • Flexible pricing
  • All about gifting in one place
  • Stable tech infrastructure
  • Easy integrations
  • Ability of customization in your case

Powerful and motivated team is not a pros, rather base on which based all our internal processes. There is no impossible ideas.

You can try our demo version right now. Please contact us for credentials.